FAQ and Pricing

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How often should I wash the exterior of my house?

We recommend you wash at least every three years but if properly washed and rinsed it can be safely washed every year.

What should I do before you come to clean my house?

If possible remove your screens, the cleaning and rinsing process works best when they are removed. Inform us of any leaks with your doors and windows. Please don’t let your children or pets outside during the washing process.

What are the black streaks on my gutters and can it be removed?

These dark, vertical streaks which are commonly found on the outsides of gutters are known as tiger stripes, they are a consequence of the buildup of dirt, grime, and pollution on the top lip of the gutter. When this substance gets wet, it tends to trickle down the outside of the gutter section. Many times it is impossible to get them completely white by cleaning them however there are several methods and chemicals to restore them, making their appearance acceptable to homeowners.

Is mold on the exterior of my house dangerous?

Yes, mold is a health risk especially to people with allergies. Mold can migrate into the interior of your home and even cause structural damage. If mold is left alone too long it can stain the siding of your home. In St Louis County it can be a code violation. 

Read more: Dangers of Mold and Missouri Department of Health Mold Facts


No two houses are the same so pricing depends on your home, layout and services required. In general a one story home is around $175, atrium ranch around $225, two story around $250 and a 2 story with a walk out basement $275.