St. Louis Canvas Awnings Cleaning

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Canvas awnings are made to withstand most weather conditions and provide an attractive complement to your business or home's exterior. Many businesses use custom canvas awnings to enhance commercial entryways providing a colorful & soft addition to aluminum and glass. Unfortunately, those awnings become stained with mildew, fungus and bird droppings. Dirt and grime work their way into the awning's woven fabric. Over time, any of these substances can weaken the fabric's sewing threads, causing split seams and the fabric to disintegrate. Once that happens, the awning's appearance and structural integrity become a problem. What was once an attractive preview to your business is now a poor first impression. Cleaning your awning regularly will minimize these risks and give your awning a longer life. Make them beautiful again, let Max Power Wash clean your canvas awnings safely and thoroughly.

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Regular cleaning of your canvas awnings extends their life. To have your canvas awnings restored and maintained properly call MAX Power Wash at 314-808-5026.

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