St. Louis Residential Power Washing

Increase the curb appeal of your home and protect your investment with our “soft wash” process.

Though we use much the same equipment, as commercial power washing “soft washing” is the state of the art process to clean your home. Cleaning the exterior of your home increases curb appeal, protects the structure and allows you to enjoy the outside again.

The correct chemicals and surfactants delivered at the proper pressure clean your home safely and will not damage siding, window seals or kill plants. DIY power washing or companies new to the house washing business climb ladders and may use the wrong chemicals or water pressure on vinyl surfaces doing more damage than good. They may leave swirls in the siding or literally blow the siding off the house. Soft wash cleans most types of St Louis home siding including vinyl, stucco, brick, stone or engineered wood. With our advanced equipment many times all work is done from ground level even for two story homes, keeping our employees safe.

Get off your ladder and keep your home looking beautiful.

Regular cleaning of your exterior prevents harmful build-up from accumulating over the years. To have your home exterior restored and maintained properly call MAX Power Wash at 314-808-5026.